For those of you that are unaware My Take Radio has two apps available currently. You can find these apps on the Android and iOS marketplaces.  I also wanted to take this opportunity to announce 2 app exclusive series that will be joining the Minority Film Report currently available on our app. The first is MTR: Behind The Mic which will be an exclusive interview series where I sit down with various radio personalities and podcasters and discuss their shows in a more informal atmosphere versus the live show aspect. I decided that this series would help bridge the gap and allow us to speak to more personalities then we can do once a week. We will try and do these episodes at a minimum of two per month but that may change. The second app exclusive series will be MTR: Beyond The Mic which will focus on different personalities who are not in radio or podcasting. We will use this series to talk to members of the video game, wrestling , MMA , comic and tech communities in a more casual atmosphere.

You can pick up these apps for $1.99 and have MTR available always. You will get edited shows with better audio quality, wallpapers, exclusive extras and more. If you have a smartphone do the smart thing and check out the My Take Radio app.

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