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New Releases This Week (June 25)

Despicable Me 3 - ad

Sorry for missing two weeks of New Releases This Week folks. One week e3 was all the news that could be handled and last week I got hit with several new games to review. As always, I am gonna try to get this out to you at the beginning of the week so that I do not get swamped and forget. So as we head into this last week of June, we wish R.A.G.E. Works top banana Rich a happy birthday! Hopefully there is something good this week for him to enjoy.


Secret World Legends

Play for free on PC starting June 26
Secret World Legends brings storytelling to a new level by dropping you into the heart of a dramatic and chill-inducing narrative filled with unique missions, emotional punches, and mysterious Legends, brought to life by high-quality voice-acting throughout the adventure. 


CORRECTION: Brawlhalla has not launched on the PlayStation 4 as yet. A closed beta is currently running. Go to the game website for more information on how to sign up.


An eternal battle arena where the greatest warriors in history brawl to prove who’s the best that ever was, is, or will be.

Every match is an epic test of skill, speed, and strength, and every victory brings additional glory and bragging rights to the winners.

These slugfests are salted with powerful weapons and gadgets. Fighters scramble to grab swords, axes, hammers, blasters, rocket lances and more! Every weapon changes your play style and your options. Gadgets like mines, bombs, and spiked spheres add even more danger into the mix, letting fighters change the course of battle with a well-timed throw or carefully laid trap.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered

June 27 Modern Warfare comes to PS4 as a standalone release
One of the most critically-acclaimed games in history. Call of Duty®4: Modern Warfare®, is back, remastered in true high-definition, featuring enhanced textures, rendering, high-dynamic range lighting, and much more to bring a new generation experience to fans.

Diablo 3: Rise of the Necromancer (DLC)

The Rise of the Necromancer Pack arrives June 27 on PC, PS4 and Xbox One
Comprised of controlled, calculating individuals, the Priests of Rathma have long known the true stakes at the heart of the Eternal Conflict. Known to uneducated outsiders as Necromancers, these masters of blood, bone, and the dark arts are often misunderstood. Driven to protect the Balance at all costs, those dedicated to walking this path see neither good nor evil in their actions; simply obedience to the cycle of being.

Final Fantasy XV: Episode Prompto

Final Fantasy XV: Episode Prompto hits consoles & PC June 27
It's time for Prompto to take center stage in his very own episode!

Become the cheerful gunslinger himself and experience a brand new storyline, wrapped in thrilling Third Person Shooter gameplay. Separated from the group in a harsh arctic environment, Prompto heads off to the place of his birth to uncover the truth of his mysterious origins…

Episode Prompto will be available by itself for $4.99 and is included for Season Pass owners.

Danganronpa Another Episode: Ultra Despair Girls

June 27, the PS Vita classic hits PS4
Komaru Naegi is a normal girl, the kind you can find anywhere. She was taken from her family and imprisoned in an apartment during The Tragedy. Even after a year and a half, she has not managed to escape. Komaru has almost completely abandoned hope and has grown to accept her imprisoned life. But one morning, she was forced to learn an even deeper despair when someone suddenly broke down her front door. But it wasn't a hero or a savior…

It was a Monokuma.

After escaping from the merciless Monokuma, Komaru is surprised to see the outside world, a world she hasn't seen in one and a half years. It has become a world of despair, where children controlling Monokumas ruthlessly hunt down adults. Her only hope of survival is the Hacking Gun, given to her by a mysterious stranger, and a girl by the name of Toko Fukawa.

Valkyria Revolution

Valkyria Revolution will be stationed on PC, PS4 and Xbox One June 27
The small independent kingdom of Jutland is suffocating from an economic blockade sanctioned by the tyrannical Ruzi Empire, and must resort to war in order to liberate itself and the surrounding lands from the Ruzi’s imperialist conquest. There’s one small problem: the Ruzi Empire have a Valkyria. You know, the living embodiment of death in demi-god form? Yeah, things aren’t going very well for the soldiers of Jutland.

That’s where the Vanargand come in. This elite team of ragnite-sensitive warriors have been assembled with the sole purpose of annihilating the Ruzi’s Valkyria with extreme prejudice. Led by the consummate professional Captain Amleth Gronkaer and bolstered by the inspiring presence of Jutland’s Princess Ophelia, the Vanargand are ready to turn the tide of the war in the name of freedom. However, Amleth hides a terrible secret. Is he friend or foe to the country he has sworn to protect?

Elite Dangerous

Elite Dangerous finally makes its way to PS4 on June 27

Players take control of their own starship and can fight, explore and travel throughout an expansive cutthroat galaxy. With 400 Billion star systems and an ever-evolving narrative, players can choose to play alone or take part in a remarkable multiplayer experience.

RPG Maker Fes

Create your own RPG on the go starting June 27
Create the RPG you always dreamed of with RPG Maker Fes!

RPG Maker Fes is a game creation software that lets you create your own RPGs, at anytime and anywhere, on the Nintendo 3DS™ system without any programming knowledge.

Moreover, all your completed RPGs can be uploaded and then downloaded to be played by other Nintendo 3DS™ users for free!

In order to download and play other users' creations, please visit the Nintendo eShop and download the free software, RPG Maker Player.

America’s Army: Proving Grounds

Join the army on PS4 June 27
A few years back a coalition of forces led by the U.S. intervened in the Ostregal Islands at the request of the RDO Government who was attacked by the nation of Czervenia. U.S. Forces engaged in police action and reconnaissance operations to protect RDO interests from Czervenian incursion and local Red Coin terrorist factions.

Ancient Amuletor

PSVR tower defense starting June 27
Ancient Amuletor is a fusion of shooting, action, and tower defense, forming a new type of VR game. In the game, players can choose from different classes of Amuletors, as the peacekeeper of the magical world, each class has a unique game play style and skill system. The storylines in Ancient Amuletor mirror several age-old civilizations, from Egypt to Rome and beyond, allowing players to visit spectacular landscapes in amazing lands and fight against powerful enemies and bosses that only exist in legends.

Arizona Sunshine

Step into a PSVR zombie apocalypse June 27
Arizona Sunshine puts you in the midst of a zombie apocalypse, exclusively in VR. Handle weapons with real-life movements, freely explore a post-apocalyptic world, and put your survival skills to the test with PlayStation®VR – putting the undead back to rest is more thrilling than ever before.

Cavernous Wastes

Cavern combat comes to PS4 and PSVR June 27
The ship is home. The ship is safe. The ship is the key to escape.

With no memory of where you are and no idea how you got there, you do know one thing: you have to escape. Fly through the maze-like caverns and fight through the automated defense systems while searching for a way out. Every teleporter takes you closer to freedom, but be careful: there are no second chances in the Cavernous Wastes…


It's time to shoot everything that moves June 27
Cryptark is a 2D roguelike shooter by Alientrap Games that challenges players with boarding and neutralizing procedurally generated alien starships to earn income for their Privateering enterprise. Purchase improved equipment and weapons to tackle more dangerous targets, but be cautious as failure will result in a loss of investment and profit. The decaying alien arks will defend themselves from intruders with a wide arsenal of cyborg monstrosities, robotics, and security systems, all obstacles that must be surpassed to achieve victory, the destruction of the ship’s central System Core.

Dark Arcana: The Carnival

Solve the mystery on PS4 June 27
In Dark Arcana you will take on the role of a female detective searching for a woman who mysteriously vanished in the middle of a funfair. While looking for clues, you will uncover a tragic love story and the consequences of an evil pact. All of which will lead you to an alternate world existing behind a magic mirror – and that’s where the key to the mystery and a thrilling confrontation with an ancient evil awaits you.

The Golf Club 2

Start your career on June 27
Rise to fame and fortune in the largest, most dynamic golf game ever created. Assemble and join online Societies with friends, compete in tournaments, and earn money to climb the ranks in golf’s largest gaming community.

The Golf Club 2 offers a dynamic, single-player Career mode, infinite hours of interactive golfing with online opponents, a new and improved course creator, cutting-edge swing mechanics, and a host of brand new, lush environments – all blending together seamlessly to create your dream golfing experience.

Medieval Defenders

Not much hope for a game when you can barely find the developer website. This is basically a mobile tower defense game that got ported to PC, PS Vita and now PS4 on June 27.
Defend your ancestral castle – show the invader who the master is! Build towers, save money, train your spells, and your enemy will be vanquished.

The middle ages was a dark time. Every neighbor wants to encroach on the lands you rightfully own. Don't give your enemies reason to think that you're weaker than them!

Defend your castle against the incursions of your warlike neighbors! You have cannon towers, money, effective spells and your own strategic reasoning at your disposal! 40 levels of varying difficulty, unique units, and 12 types of towers and buildings. The course of the battle depends only on you!

Plague Road

Survive the Plague June 27
Set around a city being consumed from within by a disease, Plague Road tells a story of a lone doctor who once abandoned their home and now returns in search of those who have survived. Over the course of the game, players will learn how the city fell victim to the sickness growing within its walls, why the Plague Doctor left, and what brought them back in a tale of regret and redemption.


June 27
Poi is a 3D platformer featuring two kids on a grand adventure to unravel the mysteries of the Milky Way Globe.

Explore uncharted lands, compete in challenge levels, meet quirky characters and defeat comical creatures on a journey to become a Master Explorer.

The Tenth Line

An instant classic comes to the PS4 June 27
A recent release on Steam, The Tenth Line comes to PS4 on June 27. Created Elliot Mahan and a small team, the game is a fully developed RPG with platforming, team management and even a card game! This is one that RPG fans should not miss.

JumpJet Rex

JumpJet Rex makes his PS4 debut on June 28
Remember when platformers were so tough that people would hurt their hands playing, but feel amazing after beating a level? Relive those moments with JumpJet Rex’s strenuous platforming challenges and retro boss battles.

JumpJet Rex features beautiful 16-bit graphics and chiptune music that brings gamers back to the 2D glory days of the early 90’s.

The Elder Scrolls Legends – Heroes of Skyrim

June 29, The next expansion for ESL comes to your mobile device
This brand-new set of over 150 cards will include new mechanics like Shouts, familiar characters, and, of course, dragons… lots of dragons. Heroes of Skyrim will be available on June 29 on all platforms. 

Heroes of Skyrim reintroduces some of our favorite characters from The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, including allies like Aela the Huntress, J’Zargo and Delphine, as well as some Dragons of legend like Alduin and Paarthurnax. The Dragons in Heroes of Skyrim appear across all attributes, and many will reward players for playing them with other Dragons.

De Mambo

June 29, the Switch gets a little more insane
De Mambo lets players take control of up to four characters locked in infinite Mambo! Help them escape this horrible—and somewhat provocative—despair!

If you liked the trailer but do not have a Nintendo Switch, fear not, De Mambo is coming to PS4 and Steam.


On June 29, the Switch . . . I have no idea what this game is
GoNNER is a tough as hell procedurally-generated 2D platformer with roguelike elements, following the largely misunderstood and altruistic Ikk on a journey to cheer up his only friend in this world—a giant land-bound whale named Sally—by searching for just the right trinket in the deep and dark places nearby.

With Death as his mentor, supplying both a multitude of abilities and arsenal for Ikk to use, Ikk traverses an ever-changing land full of unwieldy creatures who don't appreciate his trespassing or his friend Sally. Several different environments, arduous bosses, hidden secrets, multiple endings, and more await Ikk on his journey to make one person happy even if it kills him—which it certainly will.

Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy

Crash Bandicoot is back for a new generation on June 30
Your favorite marsupial, Crash Bandicoot®, is back! He’s enhanced, entranced & ready-to-dance with the N. Sane Trilogy game collection. Now you can experience Crash Bandicoot like never-before in Fur-K. Spin, jump, wump and repeat as you take on the epic challenges and adventures through the three games that started it all, Crash Bandicoot®, Crash Bandicoot® 2: Cortex Strikes Back and Crash Bandicoot®: Warped. Relive all your favorite Crash moments in their fully-remastered HD graphical glory and get ready to put some UMPH in your WUMP!

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild – The Master Trials

When the Nintendo Switch launched, we got the latest installment of The Legend of Zelda for the new console and Wii U. There was also an expansion pass for sale with the release. The first piece of DLC included in that expansion pass will be available on June 30. The huge update is more than I can describe here. For full details, check out the game's website!

Micro Machines: World Series

Not much to say here – race your favorite Micro Machines against your friends or take on racers all over the world. June 30th show your opponents what is in your small package!

Tokyo Xanadu

Tokyo Xanadu hits PS Vita on June 30
10 years ago, a colossal earthquake devastated Tokyo and changed the lives of its inhabitants forever. The city has since been rebuilt and life has slowly returned to a semblance of normalcy. However, behind the veil of this newly rebuilt metropolis lies another world, one with a sinister secret. The earthquake that originally destroyed Tokyo was actually caused by the emergence of a mysterious and lethal shadow world known as Eclipse. Now, action must be taken to thwart the legions of Eclipse and ensure the protection of peace!

Aerea: Deluxe Edition

Aerea makes beautiful music on PS4 June 30
AereA is a music-themed Action RPG in which you play as one of Great Maestro Guido’s disciples and explore Aezir a floating island that was broken into pieces. Your mission is to find and return the nine primordial instruments to restore balance and peace to the world. You have to find your way through all parts of the scattered islands complete quests, solve puzzles, defeat bosses and discover the truth behind the islands. Will you be able to return the nine primordial instruments?


We are officially in summer as of last week and as you can see, gaming is far from a drought. None of us will like all of the games being offered, but there is plenty for all of us to love this week. Now that we have taken a look at all the games coming out, the New Releases This Week moves on to film.


As always, we kick things off with our HD & UHD frisbees.


Power Rangers

New Releases This Week - Power Rangers

These (literally) ain't ya daddy's Mighty Morphin Power Rangers.

Five teenagers (Dacre Montgomery, Naomi Scott, RJ Cyler, Becky G, and Ludi Lin) become superpowered warriors in this reboot of the long-running kids' action franchise. The outcast teens are thrust into battle against the evil witch and former Ranger Rita Repulsa (Elizabeth Banks) in a fight for fate of the world.


New Releases This Week - CHiPS

A maverick motorbike racer (Dax Shepherd) reeling from a divorce and a California Highway Patrol cop (Michael Peña) who's secretly an FBI operative must overcome their personality mismatch and work together to uncover a major theft in this big-screen adaptation of the famous TV series from the 1970s and '80s.

T2 Trainspotting

New Releases This Week - T2: Trainspotting

This sequel to the seminal '90s indie smash Trainspotting catches up with its quartet of Scottish junkies 20 years later. Mark Renton (Ewan McGregor) finally returns to Edinburgh after a long exile in Amsterdam, and he soon reunites with his old pals Sick Boy (Jonny Lee Miller) and Spud (Ewen Bremner). As he tries to help Spud kick his heroin addiction and gets caught up in a scheme to open a brothel with Sick Boy, Renton is targeted by the sociopathic Begbie (Robert Carlyle), who wants revenge for his past misdeeds.


Despicable Me 3 (Slick's Pick of the Week)

After he is fired from the Anti-Villain League for failing to take down the latest bad guy to threaten humanity, Gru finds himself in the midst of a major identity crisis. But when a mysterious stranger shows up to inform Gru that he has a long-lost twin brother-a brother who desperately wishes to follow in his twin's despicable footsteps-one former super-villain will rediscover just how good it feels to be bad.

The Little Hours

Medieval nuns Alessandra, Fernanda, and Ginevra lead a simple life in their convent. Their days are spent chafing at monastic routine, spying on one another, and berating the estate's day laborer. After a particularly vicious insult session drives the peasant away, Father Tommasso brings on newly hired hand Massetto, a virile young servant forced into hiding by his angry lord. Introduced to the sisters as a deaf-mute to discourage temptation, Massetto struggles to maintain his cover.

The House

Scott and Kate Johansen must figure out a way to earn some money after their daughter's scholarship falls through. When all else fails, the desperate couple join forces with their neighbor Frank to start an underground casino in his home. As the cash rolls in and the good times fly, Scott and Kate soon learn that they may have bitten off more than they can chew.


Angela develops a friendship with a mysterious woman named Katie and offers her a job as a live-in nanny. The natural bond soon turns into a dangerous obsession as Katie becomes overly attached to the family's young daughter. Enduring lies and manipulations, Angela and her husband realize that sweet Katie is actually trying to destroy their family from within.


Two planes almost collide after a blinding flash of light paralyzes air traffic controller Dylan Branson for a few seconds. Suspended from his job, Dylan starts to notice a repetition of sounds and events in his life at exactly the same time every day. An underlying pattern soon builds, drawing him into New York's Grand Central Station daily at 2:22 p.m. Now drawn into a complex relationship with a woman, Dylan must figure out a way to break the power of the past and take control of time itself.


It seems like every week gets bigger! There is a lot to choose from this week and I hope, if you are reading this, that you found something that interests you. After all, these people want our money so they had better make it worth our while! This concludes the final New Releases This Week for June 2017. Next week we start the biggest month of the year (heh-heh)! I will do everything that a spider can to get the next article out early.