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Nintendo keeps kids hooked with their trademark Electric Mouse


Nintendo knows how to keep their fan base hooked to one of their biggest franchises of all time, pokémon. When the classic Yellow Pikachu edition came out the intro featured Pikachu on a surfboard and flying with balloons attached, indicating that it could do the impossible: use surf and fly when there is no way for it to learn the powerful moves. There was a special “surfing” Pikachu given out at a special event but few were able to obtain it. With the release of the nostalgic HeartGold and SoulSilver throwback titles, players can finally obtain their own Surfing Pikachu and even get one that flies. The usefulness is obvious as Pikachu is a fan favorite using moves it was never intended to and that as an electric type pocket monster, it has an advantage over the pokémon that naturally use those attacks. Using the addictive pokéwalker and an available wi-fi connection, players can unlock the Yellow Forest Route which is full of Pikachu and rare items. For full details, go to: https://www.pokemongoldsilver.com/us/#/news/yellow-forest

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