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NN2D Review: Marvel Select Planet Hulk Action Figure | Diamond Select Toys

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The Planet Hulk and World War Hulk are fan-favorite stories when it comes to the Hulk. We even saw the influence of those stories in Thor: Ragnarok and now fans of that arc can add the Planet Hulk version of Green Goliath to their action figure collection courtesy of Diamond Select's Marvel Select line without needing a trip to their local Disney Store as the figure is no longer a Disney Store exclusive.

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The figure is 10 inches tall (11.5 w/feather crest) and has 16 points of articulation. The Planet Hulk figure includes the Hulk's trademark helmet and battle-ax plus a massive spiked shield. This Marvel Select Planet Hulk figure was sculpted by Jean St. Jean and has a suggested retail price of $29.99, and you can pick it up direct from Amazon by heading here and on Entertainment Earth here.

What do you think of the figure? Let us know in the comments or let the NN2D crew know your thoughts via their YouTube channel.

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