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Nosgoth Adds a New Human Class

Nosgoth, the free-to-play MOBA based in the Legacy of Kain universe, looks to change the game in 2016. The PVP humans vs. vampire game launched League Beta 5.0 yesterday. Today a new character class is being announced to aid the humans in their struggle against the undead. The new class is called Beastmasters and they may be the strongest human class available. Bonding with raptor-like beasts called Treshawks, the Beastmasters are able to assume the characteristics of their partners to better fight vampires. The results in battle are rather vicious:

For more details on the new class (and those previously available) head over to the Nosgoth website. Be sure to download your free copy of the game while you are there! As more details surrounding the struggle for survival in Nosgoth arise, you can be sure that R.A.G.E. Works will keep you covered!