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Omega Rugal Makes His KOF XV Debut Next Month

King Of Fighters fan-favorite villain Omega Rugal returns to the tournament next month, and this powerhouse will cost KOF fans nothing. In addition to the return of Omega Rugal, gamers will also get access to the new Boss Challenge game mode as well as free DLC.

Omega Rugal comes armed with some familiar attacks from his previous appearances and brings a few new tricks, including an eye laser attack and aerial kaiser wave attack. Omega Rugal's announcement comes fresh off the heels of the Team Garou reveal with Rock Howard, Gato, and B. Jenet.

KOF XV has plenty of DLC for gamers, with 12 characters expected to release this year. Team Garou is available now, and Omega Rugal arrives on April 14th. KOF XV is available on PlayStation 4,5 and Xbox Series S | X consoles

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