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Create a screenshot of the greatest Japanese themed room.
Create a screenshot of the greatest Japanese themed room.

Onsen Master – Create the Greatest Hot Spring Ever!

Onsen Master is described by developers as ‘Spirited Away meets Overcooked.' “Onsen” is the Japanese term for Hot Springs and as the manager, you must manage and revitalize them. You will travel across the fictional island of Izajima to serve many colorful customers. This will not be easy as there are problem customers and those with special needs. Some are not even human! Make bath time fun again when the game launches this fall on Steam PC and consoles.

Onsen master - playground
Different baths for different customers
How to Become an Onsen Master

Revitalize various onsen across the fantasy island of Izajima! Create ingredients to match the various customer ailments, reconnect the communities that surround the onsen and discover the supernatural world that they've long since been disconnected from.

Key Features

You will tackle three main tasks: Greet the customer, Mix your ingredients and Heal their ailments! In the process players will experience:

  • Short and sweet single-player story across 6 hot spring levels
  • Visual novel-style dialogue with a cute anime aesthetic
  • Arcade mode to skip the story and dive right in
  • An original soundtrack