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Calico - key art

Calico – for the Cat Lover In You

Calico brings to life your dream of running your own cat cafe. You will build your business from scratch (no pun intended) then fill it with cats! Your magical girl character will interact with other animals but it all comes back to having the best cafe ever. Check this game out on Steam and Nintendo Switch this summer!

Calico - cafe window
Animal Crossing meets cat cafe
Calico – Your Imagination is the Only Limit!

Fill your cat cafe with cats, deer, raccoons, dogs, red pandas—everything cute and fluffy! Befriend the forest animals while designing your cafe from top to bottom. Select the perfect combination of furniture and develop the best drinks and pastries for your furry patrons.

Outside of your bustling business, discover an impossible world. Travel through the forest to discover new creatures, magical girls, witches, and townspeople. Make new friends at every turn and transform the forest into a pet-friendly paradise!

Key Features
  • A variety of friendly, interactive cuddly animals
  • A customizable cat cafe with tons of furniture, decorations, and drink options for you to pick from
  • A beautiful, relaxing color palette
  • Customizable characters and animals

Steam players can try a free demo of Calico right now! Pre-orders are also open on Steam. Stay tuned for more info!