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RAN: Lost Islands - key art

RAN: Lost Islands Free Demo June 16th

Jolly Roger Game Studio announced today it will participate in The Steam Game Festival: Summer Edition. Players will be granted access to their upcoming melee battle royale title, RAN: Lost Islands, for FREE. This free playtest will start on June 16 and last through June 22. Check out this gameplay trailer and see if you want to be part of the playtest.

A lot of different attack styles
About RAN: Lost Islands

RAN is an online melee battle royale that thrusts 100 outcasts onto a cursed island, where they must wield medieval melee and ranged weapons, ride horses and wind-powered gliders to explore the treacherous landscapes, and search for clues to Legendary Treasures.

You are the treasure hunter outcast, craving a secret fortune and the legendary artifacts beneath the islands. Great courage and wisdom will be needed to eliminate all enemies – by fair means or foul – and triumphantly return home from the swashbuckling adventure. Choose your class from three factions: European Empire, Ming Dynasty and Japanese Shogunate. Switch between classes using distinct combat styles to gain fortune and glory.

RAN: Lost Islands - Ninja Kites!
Flying the Ninja skies
RAN: Lost Islands Key Features
  • True Melee Combat Meets Battle Royale – Long before dance battles and camping kills, warriors met face to face on the battlefield and looked into their enemies' eyes as they took their last breath.
  • Money, power and respect is everything – It’s better to die rich than live poor. A poor man’s legacy is never told.
  • Unlock Your Legendary Warrior – Seek the armor and weapons of a Samurai, Ninja, Western Conqueror and more to unlock devastating signature attacks.
  • Traverse and fight on land, air and sea – Ride mighty steeds, commandeer ships, launch your grappling hook or take the ultimate high ground with a handcrafted glider.
  • Master the Environment – Flee from or ride violent tornadoes, seek refuge from the tsunami, take the high ground in the forests, traverse mountainous ridges and arid deserts, avoid volcanoes and lightning storms as you struggle to survive on the cursed island.

The RAN: Lost Islands free playtest will start on June 16 at 10:00 AM PDT and end on June 22 at 10:00 AM PDT. Sign up at www.playlostislands.com for access to this and future Beta tests.