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Raptr Phases Out Console Support

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Black background

I have been a Raptr user for what feels like an eternity and we even had their community manager Allen Wang on one of the earlier episodes of My Take Radio.

Raptr was a great service because it allowed not only a unified platform for achievements but also a nice streamlined way of sharing those achievements on social media. Unfortunately over the years with every update to Xbox Live and PSN the service had more and more trouble not only retrieving updates but even syncing with the console accounts so information would be current. I was saddened to see the following in my inbox.


While I understand why Raptr opted to leave the console space I am still bummed to lose such a great service. They did recommend Playfire which looks like a solid alternative,but I'll miss the little orange Raptr holding court in toolbar.  How many of you were Raptr users and did you like/dislike about the service? Let's hear it in the comments.