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Refused is Now the In-Game Band SAMURAI in Cyberpunk 2077

SAMURAI, the iconic in-game band, is back, chippin in with their signature electrifying melodies that will refuse to leave your head.
CD PROJEKT RED announces the studio has teamed up with Refused to bring Cyberpunk’s iconic chrome rock music band SAMURAI to life in Cyberpunk 2077!

Cooperation with the acclaimed Swedish punk rock formation involves writing, recording, and producing an EP featuring the greatest hits of SAMURAI, with creative direction provided by CD PROJEKT RED’s composer team headed by Marcin Przybyłowicz. Tracks born from the partnership include ones both heavily inspired by the original source material, as well as original tracks created by the band exclusively for Cyberpunk 2077.

“I’m incredibly excited about having Refused on board for Cyberpunk 2077

– Marcin Przybyłowicz, Music Director, CD PROJEKT RED

Gamers worldwide already got a taste of Refused’s work for CD PROJEKT RED’s upcoming open world, action-adventure story, with SAMURAI’s Chippin’ In concluding the E3 2019 Cinematic Trailer for the game. Today, to celebrate the announcement, SAMURAI’s iconic track has been made available across select digital stores and streaming services.

Cyberpunk 2077 comes to PC, PS4 and Xbox One on April 16, 2020. Pre-orders are open now.