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RIOT: Civil Unrest Hits PC and Consoles in February

Merge Games Ltd., is set to release RIOT: Civil Unrest, a real-time riot simulation experience. It will launch Feb 5-7, 2019 across PC, Xbox One, PS4, and Nintendo Switch. RIOT: Civil Unrest is a unique, thought-provoking experience. You will be at the heart of some of the world’s most recent confrontations. Players will navigate four campaigns and over 30 individual scenarios. Locations include Oakland, California, Tahrir Square in Egypt and Caracas, Venezuela, to name a few. RIOT: Civil Unrest lets players control either the protestors or law enforcement. The idea is to portray a balanced view of each event.

This Is My Life

RIOT: Civil Unrest was born out of the real-life experiences of its artist and creator, Leonard Menchiari. During the summer of 2011, Leonard attended the NO-TAV protests in northern Italy. There he witnessed first-hand the actions of both the protestors and law enforcement officers which lead him to create RIOT: Civil Unrest. He created it to tell the stories and express the emotions felt during these clashes. What triggers anger and aggression? Often outnumbered, what does a police officer endure during the conflict? Featuring some of the best pixel art graphics ever seen, you will see both sides of the story.

How Will YOU Play?

A complex strategy game, RIOT: Civil Unrest sets players objectives for each scenario. It’s then up to the individual to choose how to tackle each situation, employing different strategies and tactics in order to achieve the perfect outcome. Discover if you can you dispel an angry crowd or overcome a well-equipped militia with RIOT: Civil Unrest. Player performance is rated, aggression can lead to a quick, successful outcome but a softer approach may have the same resolution without damaging public opinion.

RIOT: Civil Unrest boasts impressive crowd behavior. Each individual character has its own artificial intelligence that gives the overall crowd mass very realistic and fluid movement. The PC version also boasts a powerful editor that allows users to create and share their own scenarios. The editor comes complete with additional scenarios made by the Bologna-based development team, including G20 – Hamburg, Gilets Jaunes – Paris, Shohada Square – Iran and Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Look for RIOT: Civil Unrest on your platform of choice early next month.