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Rockstar Gives Grand Theft Auto V Fans “The Business” On March 4

Let’s be honest with ourselves here; all Grand Theft Auto Online fans care about at this point is the addition of heists to the game. The online mode of Grand Theft Auto V is going into its sixth month and the hardcore players, even those that still love the game, are getting a little bored. New content is all that is going to keep us coming back because many of us have hit the goals we have set for ourselves in the game. I myself have the platinum trophy for the game and the only reason I still play is because I have a good group of buddies to have fun with. The Valentine’s Day Massacre update was more of a paper cut (personal opinion) and Heist mode really needs to happen soon. In the meantime, I am happy to announce that Rockstar’s update slated for next week looks to be worth loading the game up once more.

This Tuesday, March 4th, your console of choice will automatically download an update when you turn on Grand Theft Auto V. As usual, the update will give players access to new clothing, hairstyles and shoes. This time, all clothing will be of a business nature, so expect duds that will make your character “dress to impress.” Aside from that, Ammu-Nation is getting two new toys: the Heavy Pistol and the Special Carbine (pictured above). I am especially happy to see the Special Carbine because players who finished the main story will remember that Lester always recommended Carbine rifles for heists. Hopefully, this is a sign that March is heist month. Of course that is speculation, but let’s cross our fingers people.

What is even more important to a heist than heavy weaponry? You guessed it, a fast getaway vehicle. Now Rockstar has not released any specs, but the way they are describing the upcoming Albany Alpha, Dinka Jester and the Grotti Turismo R, we may be looking at the first vehicles able to leave the Entity XF and Truffade Adder in the dust. Regardless of what the specs are, we’re all going to mod these new babies up the wazoo anyway though, right?  If you cannot manage to escape that five-star wanted level in one of these new beauties, get yourself to the nearest airstrip and lose those slow police choppers in the new Vestra airplane.  This one looks like it might even give the Lazer a run for its money.

If all of that is not enough for you, remember first and foremost that this update is going to be completely free. Players will also have a new collection of masks and currency themed tattoos to cover themselves with. The weapons and vehicles will be available for free to Franklin, Michael and Trevor. Online characters can purchase the cars and the Vestra from Legendary Motorsport and Elitas, respectively. Following the update, there is going to be a Business Update Event Weekend, but no details on when that will be or what will be entailed have been released. Rockstar asks that fans stay tuned to the newswire for info on Online Heists, an  update to Creator Mode allowing for Capture games to be created and new Assassination and Flight School missions for story mode. All I can say is that if updates continue to have this level of good content, I will be around for the long haul – I know others will feel the same way. To all my criminals, I’ll see you online; you’d best hope I don’t see you first (Mental_Disabler has riddled you).

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