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RW Recap: EA Fall 2015 Preview Event

EA was kind enough to invite us to their Fall Preview event to get some hands-on time with some of their upcoming titles for mobile and consoles. EA had definitely impressed at their summer event, so I am pumped to share my take on these new titles.  Let's get to it!

Mirror's Edge: Catalyst


My Take: I have always had a love/hate relationship with the Mirror's Edge series because while I like the story, the first person parkour playstyle is not for everyone. The visual aspects of Mirror's Edge: Catalyst are truly beautiful to see and while the gameplay took some getting used to, I enjoyed it far more than my previous experiences with the game. I will definitely give the title another look when it arrives in stores.


Need for Speed: No Limits

My Take: While I missed hands-on time with the console version of Need for Speed I was pleasantly surprised by how much fun the mobile version was. I was also impressed with how detailed the vehicles looked on mobile devices. The game brings a lot to the table for a free mobile game and was downloaded within hours of my leaving the event. It is a nice and quick pick-up-and-play game that can be enjoyed regardless of skill level. The ability to steer on screen or with the tablet was a nice touch as some of us prefer the onscreen controls. I wish I had some screenshots for this one, but I will update the post if any become available.


Plants vs. Zombies Garden Warfare 2


My Take: I never in a million years imagined a mobile game like Plants vs. Zombies getting reimagined as a shooter. EA not only did it successfully with the first installment but have taken the game even further with its sequel. We played a multiplayer demo with some young kids and it was incredibly fun and enjoyable. I thought Splatoon had done an impressive job with a shooter for all ages, but Plants vs. Zombies Garden Warfare 2 will definitely give it a run for its money. The added bonus of not needing XBL or PS+ to enjoy online play will surely make this game popular with younger gamers, but I too will be checking the game out when it hits stores in 2016.

Star Wars Battlefront

I got some more hands-on time with Star Wars Battlefront before the beta went live and taking it for a spin once again definitely made me pumped for when the game hits stores next month. I also got some multiplayer in with our own Jimbo Slyce which made for some fun times. I am bummed about no dedicated single player campaign. Star Wars Battlefront is in stores next month so getting that extra time in at this event and on the beta will at least give me a fighting chance online.


The final game we played was Unravel, and I can say that I am glad I saved this game as the last stop of our afternoon with EA. Unravel brought me back to the peace and tranquility I enjoyed playing Little Big Planet. Unravel puts you in control of Yarny. Yarny is made of a single thread of yarn and gamers are tasked with navigating the character through a lush and beautiful landscape before he unravels. Yarny makes use of his loose yarn and climbs, pulls, swings and trampolines through stages while collecting yarn to keep himself together. EA really impressed me with this game because it was not only fun to play, but it challenged you with various little puzzles and used the bond of family to tell its story. This particular title will be a day one purchase for me based on how much I enjoyed my time with it. Check out the trailer to see Yarny in action.

We'd like to thank EA for the their hospitality and for allowing us to play so many great titles. Keep it locked to RAGE Works for more news and reviews relating to these upcoming games.