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RW Recap: Plantronics BackBeat Sense Launch & Holiday Showcase

If you are a Bluetooth headset user or in an office or call center then the name Plantronics will be quite familiar. Over the last few years, Plantronics has carved out a niche in both the consumer and pro grade headset market with solid quality, reliability and variety, and this past Wednesday they took it a step further with the debut of the BackBeat Sense stereo headset and a holiday showcase of their other signature products including the Voyager Edge and their new RIG series line for gamers.

The Backbeat Sense looks to deliver quality sound with a premium appearance and an affordable price point. You get a comfortable experience courtesy of soft yet premium materials both for the earcup and headband as well as both wired and wireless functionality. Plantronics spared no expense from a specs perspective as the BackBeat Sense comes equipped with Class One Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity. The new Bluetooth standard utilized by the headset will allow for a connection range of 330 feet, all while allowing connectivity between two devices – meaning that you use the headphones on your phone and switch to your PC or stereo when you get home. Battery life on the headset is solid with 18 hours of streaming at the ready and a low recharge time of roughly 2.5 hours.

The highlight of these headphones for me is the fact that audio can be paused by simply removing the headphones, which if you are using for a commute or in the gym will prove quite useful. Audio controls are included right on the headphones for easy access to play, pause, rewind and fast forward.


The last thing I want to touch on is the form factor which makes the BackBeat Sense extremely travel-friendly. The ear cups fold flat and the headphones come with a woven carrying pouch so you can toss them in you bag or purse and keep it moving.

If you are interested in picking up a pair of BackBeats and are in the US, they are in stores now and can be purchased at select retailers. Those of you outside the US will need to wait a few weeks to get your hands on them.

To learn more, you can head to the product page by following this link.

We will have a review for the Backbeat Sense up in a few days but, we wanted to share some of the sights from the event with you.