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RW Recap: Qirin Con (2014)

This past week has been very jam-packed for My Take Radio and RAGE Works and yielded some great memories that we will be sure to remember for quite some time. I had the pleasure of hosting a panel with Dani from Royal Flush Magazine at the inaugural Qirin Con event speaking about the right way to cover an event for your blog and/or website.

What is Qirin Con you are asking? Qirin Con is a student run convention that was created, organized and managed by the students of Pace University. Qirin Con spotlights gaming, cosplay, anime and Japanese culture and was open to the public for a whopping $0.

As a writer, podcaster and entrepreneur I'll admit I was nervous to share what I've learned along the way, only because everyday is still a lesson. The infectious enthusiasm not only from Dani (who is a Pace alumni) but from the organizers eased my apprehension and actually motivated me to give the students the best and most insightful info I could muster.

The event was extremely organized and there was something for everyone. Students had a plethora of activities and panels including those that focused on manga, cosplay construction, voice acting and even deeper topics with a “geeky” twist. Throughout the campus there were tons of great activities aside from our panel including a game room with various consoles set up for group play. The game room also hosted a Super Smash Brothers Brawl tournament which was not only chock full of energy but also extremely competitive.


Chibi Rich! #QirinCon

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The event ended with an amazing performance from Washington D.C's own Triforce Quartet, who wowed attendees with their thrilling renditions of music from various games including titles such as Mario, Zelda, Halo, Portal and Final Fantasy. They also blew away attendees with their amazing rendition of The Walking Dead theme, which I unfortunately missed but got to enjoy via social media.


Triforce Quartet in action at Qirin Con. #QirinCon

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I was honored to be involved in this event and even more honored to impart some wisdom to our future bloggers, journalists and media personalities. I look forward to the next Qirin Con and seeing how the Pace students top themselves next year.

I'd like to thank the following individuals for my inclusion at Qirin Con:

  • Dani C. from Royal Flush Magazine
  • Dr. Stephanie Hsu
  • Professor Daniel Molina
  • Kaiyan Griffith

These four individuals were instrumental in getting Qirin Con noticed plus ensuring that prizes and event merch was available for the attendees. The students deserve their own praise as well for their passion and commitment to delivering a great event.

To learn more about Qirin Con you can visit the following:

You can also check out our interview with Qirin Con organizers by heading here.