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MOTU Revelation Skelegod figure

RW Review: Masters Of The Universe Revelation Skelegod

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When Masters of the Universe Revelation had announced its initial wave of figures, the first figure I ended up picking up was Skelegod. While I thought his design was cool and an awesome callback to the old live-action MOTU film, I had no idea where this incarnation of Skeletor fit in the series. If you missed the series or have not watched it yet, you may want to stop reading here as I will be heading into spoiler territory. 3, 2, 1 …. Still here? Skelegod appeared at the very end of the Masters of Universe Revelation series. He is essentially Skeletor with the Power of Grayskull as the series ended with Skeletor stabbing Prince Adam mid-transformation and taking the power sword and utter the magic words.

It definitely was not the ending I expected, especially after growing up watching He-Man defeat Skeletor throughout my childhood. Still, I am curious to see what Skelegod does with his newfound power in future episodes.

If you want to add Skelegod to your collection, you can visit our friends at Entertainment Earth here and grab him. If you prefer picking him up via Amazon, we got you covered; head here.

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