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RW Review: McFarlane Toys Remastered Classic Spawn

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When we attended Toy Fair back in 2020 and visited the McFarlane Toys booth, we were blown away by the sample of the remastered Spawn figure that McFarlane Toys was slated to launch on Kickstarter. The sample figure not only looked amazing but was a fitting homage to the classic figure from the 90s with all the bells and whistles and the posability of a modern figure.

We fast forward to the start of the pandemic and the Kickstarter campaign's announcement for the Spawn figure, which had a nice and easily achievable goal of $100K. As the campaign picked up steam, it turned into something record-breaking, with the final tally at 3.4 million.

The record-breaking and historic campaign lead to even more improvements and perks for the already impressive figure as Todd McFarlane went out of his way to reward fans for their support. The anticipated delivery at the time of the campaign was November 2020, but as we all know, COVID-19 changed things greatly, and backers did not start getting their figures until recently. I opted for the classic figure while our very own Jimbo Slyice got the three-pack. We finally got our classic figure in the studio and I wanted to share the unboxing and initial impressions with you. Check out the video below and see what I thought of the figure.

While I covered a lot in the video, I wanted to add a few other thoughts regarding the figure and the future when it comes to McFarlane Toys' use of Kickstarter to bring figures to collectors. The historic campaign that McFarlane Toys had definitely opened the flood gates for small toy companies to leverage Kickstarter to bring their figures to market, and while companies like Hasbro have done crowdfunding, McFarlane Toys not only did it being an independent company but exceeded expectations in the process.

As a long-time Spawn fan, I would like to see more remasters, and Todd has teased the possibility, which is awesome especially if we get Clown or even the Violator. I would definitely back a campaign with either of those characters. As for this figure overall, I feel that it was executed to perfection. The only thing I would have changed was maybe doing a version with a cloth poseable cape just for some other posing options. Mezco has done some tremendous poseable capes, and I definitely think McFarlane Toys could have done something similar if not better given the funding. Hell, I would have paid extra to get a body with that feature and use the original figure's hands and head. Again this is something I would have liked and does not affect the figure in the least as this is a modern recreation of the classic figure that had a similar cape.

Did you get your figure yet? Let us know if you did and what you thought of it in the comments.