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Scratch v DJ Hero

Much like Rock Band vs. Guitar Hero, it was a matter of time before other manufacturers decided to get involved in the newest music sim DJ Gaming. I feel that at the moment, the DJ Hero controller works well and has a more friendly interface. Based on the video footage below, do you think that Scratch will be a better title?

  1. First and foremost, minus the third vid (the shortest), these videos give me no inkling as to what the gameplay is like. Then the third vid confirms the fear I had watching the second: that this game is just you laying down scratches over a single track, vs the blending present in DJ Hero. I love, simply LOVE a well produced track with some good scratching, but after playing DJ Hero, the concept of mixing over just one song seems boring. This does not seem like the top choice out of the two.

    Also, despite the difficulty of the DJ Hero button placement, putting those big ass beat buttons in the middle looks and seems like it would feel awkward. A game should be more about fun than realism. If you are sacrificing fun to implement realism, you will fail. This turntable just seems too wide to me (I’ll still try it). Looking at the player I was thinking “I cannot imagine taking my hand off the turntable in DJ hero. To the makers of Scratch – we are not REAL DJs – if we were, we would be mixing at a party with a real turntable, not playing either of these games. Keep things simple because this board looks retarded.

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