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Seems they are not so “Expendable”

I say it over and over again that there is no hope for Hollywood when all that comes out are remakes and anything that represents even a mild amount of creativity is stifled. This was a big opening weekend and the above has been proven once more. He can beat seven evil exes but Scott Pilgrim could not touch the Expendables (I guess they all are vegan and stuck to the diet). Stallone’s action romp is a smashup and homage to pretty much all the films the cast has done over the past three decades and that formula grossed thirty-five million over the weekend. This was one remake I did not truly mind because the film is not taking itself seriously and it looks like a hell of a lot of fun to watch (I’ll know for sure soon). The fact remains that remake is killing creativity because Scott Pilgrim vs. The World (which I have seen) only grossed ten and a half million this weekend. I can only hope the buzz about how great this film was makes it really pick up steam during the week and into next weekend. This film does not deserve to bomb and it really needs to do well to open the door for more films like it to follow. Stay tuned to My Take Radio for Ant’s review of Scott Pilgrim and Rich’s review of The Expendables.

SOURCE: Entertainment Weekly