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Slick’s Hits: Archer, Episode 207 – “Movie Star”

We all get a little star struck at least once in our lives. The problem here is that some people get a little more struck (in the head) than others – anyone who has ever seen an episode of TRL can vouch for that. There are different levels of insanity and most are safe (enough): you have the screaming teens, the bedroom shrine builders and the stalkers. Then you have the crew at ISIS and you know these idiots have absolutely no idea what the the meaning of that word is. Prepare for some classic stupidity folks.

This episode exemplifies stupid from the start, even more so than the average Archer escapades. Malory decides to let movie star Rona Thorne understudy Lana for her next film role. Lana is dead set against the idea, noting how insane it is to let a world famous star tail a top secret agent. She quickly changes her mind when Archer tries to take the job from her. Of course, Archer does not give up that easily, so he follows the ladies to the firing range to show off for Rona. In disgust, Lana fires off a round from her pistol right behind Archer which gives him a temporary case of tinnitus. Archer’s condition leads to a good five hysterical minutes of Archer walking around going “Mah! Mah!” because he cannot hear anything. For revenge, Archer figures he will show up Lana by saving the Russian premier from a KGB sniper, thus gaining favor with Rona. Once again, Lana takes his mission, nothing that Archer never finished his counter sniper training.

Archer and Lana aren't the only ones gone goofy over Hollywood fame. Malory has the script for Rona’s new movie and she enlists Cyril to help her rewrite it so that there is a part for her in the movie. Cyril begrudgingly does this and they somehow actually sell the script to the studio Rona is working with. With that success, Malory is ecstatic and well, let’s put it this way: Sterling better never, and I mean ever refer to Cyril as a mother-.

This brings us to the three ring circus, aka Pam, Cheryl and Ray. They start out just arguing with each other about how great Rona’s last movie was, with Cheryl being the dissenter. Then they find out that Cheryl has stolen Rona’s diary which she has been looking for around the office. Instead of just giving her back the journal or even slipping it back into her purse, these idiots decide to take a bunch of spy gear they do not know how to use and break into her apartment. This is just to return a journal. And this leads us back to Archer and Lana fighting over Rona.

Archer tries to sabotage Lana’s mission by setting up a bunch of Krieger bots in an adjacent building to her vantage point. Lana thinks they are all snipers as it is dark out and hard to tell that they are dummies. And while Archer is laughing, he sees what Rona is up to – she’s the actual sniper. He runs to Lana’s rescue, only to get a shot in the neck of the same toxin that has paralyzed Lana. Rona kills the premier and notes how she’ll miss the Hollywood life but directing films in Russia will be sweet. And this is where I cannot wait for the Season 2 DVD to drop because it’s really hard to understand the banter of two paralyzed idiots, especially when Rona placed Lana in a chair and Archer fell face first into her crotch. These two need to get married, or kill each other; or at least get a room.

This episode will definitely be a favorite for Archer fans. First, it got almost the entire cast involved in the main story while telling about four different stories. Even with all of this crap going on at once, the story does not get convoluted and the results were wildly ridiculous. Somehow, Archer manages to keep getting closer and closer to Lana and I stand by my belief that she is going to take him back or at least bone him by the end of the season. The concept that Rona was a sleeper agent and that Archer just happened to pick a mission coinciding with hers (re really did pick it at random) just makes the story more golden. I would love to see more of the idiotic spy adventures of Cheryl, Pam and Ray, none of whom have any spy training and there is no doubt that Malory jumping Cyril will have repercussions. We shall definitely have to see how this season wraps up as the drama is getting pretty damn thick.