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Slick’s Hits: inFAMOUS 2 (demo)


The PlayStation Network is back up. People are downloading like crazy to get the free stuff Sony promised. With the return of the PlayStation Store, fans are getting an early taste of Cole MacGrath’s return. The inFAMOUS 2 demo is up and available for download. The demo takes you through two main story missions; one good and one evil. It then allows  you a short amount of free roam. I had the pleasure of running through said demo and all I can say is Sucker Punch loves its fans. It looks like Cole will have access to most of if not all of the powers he developed in the first game along with many new ones as he struggles to find a way to destroy the beast that destroyed Kessler’s future. Yours truly has purchased the above pictured “Hero” edition and I don’t even care about the schwag anymore – I just wanna play the finished game.

This game is pretty. Maybe not as pretty as Uncharted 3, but Sony has a strong summer ahead of them with this title. Look forward to an MTR unboxing of the hero edition next week and a review ASAP.

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