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Slick’s Hits: Farming Simulator (PS3/Xbox 360)

It’s time to get up at the crack of dawn, strap on your overalls and power up your favorite console! The #1 best-selling PC farming simulation game is headed to the PS3 and Xbox 360 this September. Giants Software and Focus Home Interactive are bringing the 2013 edition of the game to a whole new breed of gamers that probably never knew they needed a farming sim in their lives. Then again, you figure that if over four hundred thousand copies of this game were sold at launch for the PC alone, there has got to be a market for this game on consoles.

The console version of Farming Simulator has everything the PC version had but it is also packed with console-exclusive content, like the community-requested North American environment. Twenty real-world brands are represented in the game, offering players over one hundred tools and vehicles to make their farms thrive! With new environments come new crops, new vehicles to harvest them and new animals, all at your disposal in a complete career mode. The developer assures players that the level of realism is higher than ever so you have pick your crops at the right time and keep them healthy if you wish to make profit. Come this fall, we shall see how well this previously PC-only simulation carries over to consoles. Hopefully it will make it into the next console generation and beyond. Don’t miss Farming Simulator for your favorite console this fall!

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