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Slick’s Hits: Grand Kingdom

In Grand Kingdom, you will lead a mercenary squad completing contracts for four different nations. If you play the standard game, you can work for any of the four nations and change up your allegiance at will. In the online mode, you must choose a nation and battle against the merc squads formed by other players. The future of Resonail is at stake! Grand Kingdom boasts a story mode with over forty hours of gameplay. Combining tactical, traditional and action RPG elements, the game will have something for all RPG fans. Your squad members be compiled from twelve different classes; plan your forces carefully to maximize your effectiveness.


Choose your version! Grand Kingdom is a PlayStation exclusive! The standard PS Vita version only offers the game, but there will be several special editions. Pictured above is the Launch Day Edition which includes:

  • Grand Kingdom for the PS4
  • A 32-page primer on the factions of Resonail
  • 5-track soundtrack sampler CD
  • Collector’s box

Then there is the Limited Edition which includes:

  • Grand Kingdom for the PS4 or PS Vita
  • Grand Opus: The 128-page Official Compendium of Resonail
  • 15-track original soundtrack
  • Parade poster
  • Transparent decal sticker sheet
  • Collector’s box

Hey, you know what they say, “go big or go home!” Exclusive to the NIS America Online Store is the Grand Kingdom Grand Edition. It includes everything that the Limited Edition has, plus:

  • Poster of the character Lillia
  • Cloth map poster
  • 6 Lapel pin set
  • 6 Mini art prints

All of this can be yours on June 21, 2016, the U.S. launch date for Grand Kingdom on the PS4 and PS Vita. Before you go, enjoy the latest trailer: