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Slick’s Hits: Hell Invaders (Android tablets/iPad/Linux/Mac/PC)

What do games like Yu-Gi-Oh! and Age of Empires have in common? If you said “absolutely nothing,” you would be on the money until this fall when Spicy Horse Games releases Hell Invaders (tentative title) on multiple platforms. A hybrid CCG/RTS set in the underworld, Hell Invaders is looking to find a healthy balance between the genres the above titles represent. Cards are brought to life and fight in a real time battle field. Upgrades and swappable skills may be applied to the cards, so the likelihood of a “mirror match” is low. The game will feature a single player campaign as well as having PvP arenas, so players will have various ways to enjoy this one when it drops. Players will also have the ability to trade with one another as well as utilize card management and social media features. Who needs a Duel Disk when you will be able to bring the fight to anyone you want anywhere in the world at any time? Find out if Hell Invaders is the next big thing in virtual card battles this fall.

Over the next few months, Spicy Horse will reveal more information, including the final title of the game, the publisher and other pertinent information. Stay tuned to My Take Radio for details.

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