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Slick’s Hits: Just Cause 3 – Sky Fortress DLC

Just Cause 3 - SF logo

Just Cause 3 will officially see its first DLC pack hit digital stores next week, March 15, but holders of the Air, Land & Sea Expansion Pass will gain access to the Sky Fortress starting tomorrow, March 8. According to Square Enix, you will be able to start playing at 12:01 AM, March 8 in your respective time zone. That means that as I am typing this, there are some lucky Europeans already playing. The point of this article is to let players know what to expect and to reveal some surprises.

The first thing you will need to know is that if you have not been playing the story missions, you may not have immediate access to the Sky Fortress. Your new Bavarium wingsuit and weapons become available when you take the mission titled Suit Up. You will not have access to that mission until you have completed the original story mission A Terrible Reaction. Even then, you may wish to be careful depending upon your level of completion. The new mission is located in the heart of the Val de Mar region which can be very unfriendly. Once you have unlocked something however, you have it for good. That means you can immediately take the upgraded wingsuit into the original game. As for the Bavarium Splitter assault rifle and your personal attack drone, you have to complete the bow and stern sections (respectively) of the Sky Fortress for those.

With new powers come new capabilities and this is how you will use your upgraded wingsuit. To boost, you will tap R2/RT on your controller. The boost has a cool down period just like the liberated vehicles do. See the boost meter in the above .GIF. There are new challenges you can complete to reduce this time. Air brakes are controlled by hitting L2/LT; I am pretty sure this is the same as the unlockable air brakes, but I will let you know. Also pictured above, and without the instruction of Peppy, is the ability to do a barrel roll. Hit /Y while holding left or right to get that “foxy” feeling. When I announced the launch date for the Sky Fortress DLC, there was a .GIF of Rico performing wall jumps. You will have to slow yourself using air brakes and when Rico braces against the surface, you hit /Y. I think the best non-weapon related feature of the wingsuit is being able to take off from water. In my original review, I kinda bashed this game with regard to swimming. And now you won’t have to. Hold down /Y to take off from the surface of the water and you won’t need to worry about land or a boat to get airborne.

I do not want to spoil to much so we are going to end things here. I will say this in case I did not before. The above mech is in progress because when the Land-related DLC pack comes out next, this will be Rico’s newest toy! He will be able to pilot it and its gravity gun will let him toss large objects like a baby throwing a tantrum.


Di Ravello’s reign is over, but la revolucion continues!