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Slick’s Hits: Thunder Wolves (PC/PSN/XBLA)


This spring, a few good men are needed to LET THE THUNDER ROLL! Most Wanted Entertainment and bitComposer Games collaborate to bring us Thunder Wolves, an arcade-style chopper shooter that brings the genre into the next millennium. If you love your mama and don’t wear women’s underwear (unless you are a woman, that is) then strap in and get ready to blow shit sky high! Show those terrorist sons o’ bitches who their daddy is right before you send him straight to hell! Enjoy the massive destruction as you rip over desert landscapes, pour all your firepower into enemy strongholds and production plants, and send fleets of freedom-threatening bastards to a watery grave!


This spring, the future of the free world is in your hands. Make freedom free for your children and your children’s children on PC, PlayStation Network and Xbox Live Arcade. DISMISSED!