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Slick’s Hits: Watch Dogs

This is a game that I have had my eye on since first seeing an in-game demo months ago. The concept of a futuristic game that merges the play styles of both the Grand Theft Auto and Assassin’s Creed series intrigued me to no end. Aiden Pearce lives in the world of 1984 (the book, not the year), where Big Brother is really a thing that the people of Chicago know as ctOS. The system primarily focus on traffic management, eco-development, telecommunications and crime prevention, but everything is linked. Facial recognition is in place and cops know where a criminal is the moment a camera spots them. The problem with this system being so linked is that just like any other, it can be hacked. This is where Aiden comes in. He is doing what he can to protect his family and you as the player will decide if he protects anyone else. This will likely be Ubisoft’s game of the year and could very well be one of the best overall games of 2013. With just over two months before this game is in stores, we get a fourteen minute long demonstration of the game’s mechanics and get to see just how much there is to do even when you are not on a mission. The demo is narrated by Watch Dogs’ animation director, Colin Graham

Watch Dog’s 14-minute demo (best viewed in HD)

Watch Dogs is expected to be in stores Tuesday, November 19, 2013. Due to the release of the Sony PlayStation 4 on November 15th and Microsoft’s Xbox One on November 22, the release dates for those versions may vary.

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