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Slick’s Hits: Witch Craft Works

Anime fans rejoice! One of the first new anime for 2014 is a real winner!

Uitchikurafuto Wākusu (Witch Craft Works)

You ever had a bad day? I mean a really bad day? I don’t mean you lost your wallet after cashing your check or you had a fender bender or even you wound up on Maury and were told that “you ARE the father.” I am talking about a bad day like you get beat up at school (by a girl), someone throws the school’s clock tower at you (the whole thing) and then mechanical rabbits try to decapitate you. That would be what you would call a textbook bad day and it describes the life of one Honoka Takamiya. Fortunately, he has a guardian angel looking out for him. Well, “angel” is not quite the right term for her. I mean, she is beautiful, shapely, intelligent and kind; she has the makings of an angelic individual. . . but she’s a witch. An extremely powerful witch that gets very angry if you try to do anything wrong to this guy. Maybe his day isn’t looking so bad after all. Welcome to the world of Witch Craft Works.

Meet Medusa….on second thought, it's probably better that you don't.

Ever had a stalker? Honoka Takamiya has at least seven. One is not really a stalker as it is literally her life mission to protect him and that is Ayaka Kagari, the witch I spoke of earlier. She protects him from the Tower Witches (the other five) that are after his “white stuff.” I know this is anime, but the white stuff is not what you think. I will not go into depth on that or the seventh stalker because that would be spoiling too much. Read the manga if you want more info. Obviously, there is something special about Takamiya and he has no idea what it is. All he knows it that this beautiful girl that he thought would never even speak to him will literally give her life to protect him. Once he came to accept that, it was all he needed to know. Now all six of these witches are his classmates and even the normal kids dislike him because they are jealous of the fact that Ayaka, their “princess” hangs around him all the time. Madness and hilarity ensue, so this is an a series that should not be missed. Literally, this is my first big pick for 2014 thus far.

Can I get a bodyguard like this?