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Slick’s Nit-Picks: Megamind

Oh, if only the above tagline were true. Now before you start thinking that I hated this movie, I will assure that I did not. Megamind was funny and very much worth watching; it is just that it really feels like they dumbed down what could have been a great movie for the kids. “But the movie is for children,” you might say, and you would be correct. But in a time where movies that are “for kids” involve all kinds of violence and a movie that has talents like Tina Fey, Brad Pit and Will Ferrell (remember, the guy who ran down the street butt naked in Old School?), you just expect more.

Original “Megamind” trailer

When Megamind was first being advertised in theatres, this is the trailer that everyone saw. I remember thinking “wow, they killed the good guy at the beginning!” Not that I have never seen something like that before but again, this is for kids. I was happy to see something a little different. So you might understand my frustration, confusion and me being slightly pissed when closer to the film’s release the above trailer was replaced with one where Metro Man was very much alive and had retired from the hero business to make “awesome” music. For those who have not seen the movie I will not elaborate further – just know that I was rather disappointed with the final product. To put it lightly, someone on the ad committee dropped the ball in the “STFU/no spoilers” department.  I would definitely have enjoyed this movie more if I had not seen like nine-tenths of it in commercials.

Sometimes you just expect more when you see that certain people are going to be in a movie. Tina Fey as “Roxanne Ritchi” was a perfect Lois Lane clone. She was nosy, bossy and a general bitch yet somehow managed to be endearing to our “hero.” Brad Pitt never fails in a role where his character is somewhat off upstairs. Metro Man was the definitive good guy, but later in the movie you could tell that at lest one screw was loose up there. Even Jonah Hill (ugh) managed to find his place in this movie as a tubby douche of a loser guy (big stretch) turned into a muscle-bound, super douche of a loser. As with many of his strange roles, Will Ferrell makes this movie, being the only guy that could make a super-genius look like a complete idiot due to his inability to pronounce the simplest of words properly. Megamind is easily Will Ferrell’s “Shrek” as the character immediately identifies with him the way Shrek identifies with Mike Myers. Unfortunately, without extremely better writing, I doubt I could sit through another Megamind, much less three more.

It is hard to say who put in more work: Will Ferrell as the voice of Megamind or the animators and digital artists. Megamind is visually a beautiful piece of work. Even amongst the eight billion other animated movies that have come out this year, Megamind stands out. I am saying that and I did not even get to see the 3D version of the movie due to personal time constraints. I am actually happier having seen the 2D version of the movie because I really got to appreciate the film without any added gimmicks. No matter how often I see 3D, whether or not it is done properly for the film, it just feels like a tacked-on gimmick. If you see Megamind, I am not saying that you shouldn’t see it in 3D, but don’t feel like you have to.

Yeah, Megamind is a mediocre movie. Maybe it is because the advertisements spoiled the movie for me. Maybe it’s because the movie felt like the “What if The Joker Killed Batman” story to me. Maybe it’s because even if you turn Jonah Hill into a big muscular dude, he still looks like a big turd, even when animated. I cannot completely put my finger on it but I did like the movie. I just cannot say that I loved it and no one is doing themselves a disservice if they wait to see it on video. I am calling it now that when it comes out on video the blu-ray is going to be worth owning. I am positive this movie will have a ton of worthwhile extras. In case you needed any proof, I leave you with the single best Megamind promo made:

I still NEED this ringtone!

‘nuff said.