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Slick’s Nit-Picks: Young Justice Invasion, Episode 207 – “Depths”

One Last Kiss?

It seemed right when viewers found out that Artemis had left the team to live a normal life. After all, the character she is based off of, Arrowette, also left Young Justice in the comics. She, however, left because she had snapped after her favorite teacher’s ex brutally murdered her. The shocked caused her to hunt him down like a wild dog and she would have killed him had Superboy not caught that final arrow. Either way, there is something to be said for knowing when it is time to leave the life. Artemis wanted to have a simpler life with Wally.The problem there is that after last week’s episode, especially since canonically Wally does become Flash, things are never that simple.

Yo Kaldur, that was stone cold man.

POINT OF NO RETURN Despite the fact that the team has engaged him in battle more than once, the original team and Aquaman hold hopes that Kaldur is not beyond saving. Also, despite his position amongst Black Manta’s organization, the son of Manta is still not completely trusted by his father. He faces a final test by being tasked to destroy Ferris Aircraft’s Earth-Mars communications satellite. His mission fails even though the satellite is destroyed by Black Manta himself and Kaldur’ahm does not try to take credit for something he did not do. Before he retreats, he has one final skirmish with his former friends and makes his position clear to all who wonder as he runs his blade clean through Artemis’ chest. The wound must have pierced her heart because Nightwing’s immediate resuscitation fails and he pronounces her dead.

On a very special Hello Megan, Conner reveals that M'gann is a bitch!

HELLO MEGAN! Back in the Earthlings episode, Connor told Alanna that M’gann left him with no choice but to break up with her. We finally get some clarification on this in the bioship as the former pair have it out. Conner had already been upset about how M’gann “interrogates” the bad guys, which we have seen in several episodes. Apparently, she tried to use her powers on Conner to make him forget that he was mad about this.He expresses how that act betrayed everything they had built together and that was why he left. The two obviously still have strong feelings for one another and La’gann has reason to be jealous in my book. M’gann is chronologically the oldest member of the team, but with the exception of Beast Boy, she is still the most immature. She still does not see that there should be a line drawn in terms of how she uses her powers. She is also very needy. Despite how cold it sounded coming from Conner, the truth is that La’gann is her rebound guy because she cannot deal with being alone.

The die has been cast; the ruse has begun.

THE GLAMOUR (CHARM) LIFE I would expect nothing less of someone who literally grew up with Batman, but Nightwing is one devious bastard. I am almost surprised that Wally was clued in on the plan, but if you recall his reaction to Artemis’ death five years ago, I would agree that he had to. Kid Flash went mad with rage and at the time Artemis wasn’t his girlfriend; they live together now. I have faith that she will be fine because she is with Kaldur and he is the only member of the team more dependable than Nightwing. I would not mind seeing a flashback showing how Dick got that charm from Zatanna, but that scene might not be safe for children’s television. My biggest worry about this plan is that Manta or another member of the Light will see through it right away. I’m thinking Manta has some ability to see through spells or that the magic might not be strong enough to fool Klarion if Artemis runs into him. She will be revealed, probably before or during La’gann’s rescue.

La'gann's isn't the only face she's jamming it in.

Viewers probably had to have their mouths shut after the jaw-dropping opening. It is rare to see anyone die in a cartoon and especially one of the main characters. The fallout from this episode will be huge as we have nearly twenty people who do not know about Nightwing’s plan. While they might be crying now, tomorrow they will want vengeance. And that is just the good guys. Her family is another issue. With her mom being wheelchair bound, she most likely will not do much, but her sister and father are both very dangerous individuals. I wonder if Ra’s al Ghul would even bother to stop them from trying to kill Aqualad. Cheshire has gotten the better of Kaldur more than once, but those fights were on land. Now that he keeps more to the ocean, she might find it a lot harder to put him down; even moreso to do it permanently.

Have a feeling Wally is going to become a dangerous player in this game.