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Slick’s Quick Hits: AKIBA’STRIP: Undressed & Undead

Japan’s famous Akihabara district in Tokyo is known to nerds, otaku and gamers worldwide as a Mecca of sorts. Pretty much anything you could possibly want in terms of gaming, anime and collectibles is there. In AKIBA’STRIP, you will explore a faithfully recreated Akihabara, including many of the famous shops found there in real life. And that is where the “fun and games” end. You play the role of Nanashi, a young man tricked into coming to Akihabara one day with the promise of rare collectibles. Unfortunately, Akihabara seems to be infested with energy vampire creatures called Synthisters and they bolster their ranks by feeding on unsuspecting otaku like Nanashi. Having been partially saved from a fate worse than death by Synthister hunter Shizuku, Nanashi wants to get to the bottom of the mysterious plague in Akihabara. And this is where things get weird.

In AKIBA’STRIP, Nanashi will battle Synthisters with the help of Shizuku in a rather unique way. Vampires hate sunlight, but these vampires are protected by their clothing . The obvious answer in this case is to strip them so the sun can destroy them. Of course, Synthisters look like everyday people so Shizuku and Nanashi look like a team of adolescent perverts stripping people naked in broad daylight. Somehow, I don’t think the average person walking around in Akihabara is going to take much notice. With a trusty cell phone app used to identify the monsters, the duo will beat up and strip down the undead population in order to save the day. Get ready for some wacky fun in this brawler-style, action RPG coming to the PlayStation 3 and PS Vita on August 12th, 2014. AKIBA’STRIP: Undead & Undressed; another reason gamers are not facing a drought this summer. Be sure to check this one out!

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