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Slick’s Quick Hits: Assault Android Cactus

Before the shoot 'em up genre got the additional sub-genre of “bullet hell,” there were arcade games that us normal humans could still manage. This is not to say that they were easy, but they were not so ridiculously difficult that they would send the Dalai Lama into a fit of rage and cause massive seizures. This is where our android heroine Cactus comes in. She would rather die than do paperwork and that is pretty much how Assault Android Cactus begins  The game features twenty-five levels of blastin' goodness and the ability to unlock additional characters as you progress. In a style that very much reminds me of classic games like Ikari Warriors and Heavy Barrel, I hope that this is the first of many great games from indie developer Witch Beam. Assault Android Cactus will be available on Steam starting tomorrow, September 23rd.