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Slick’s Quick Hits: Batman Arkham Knight

Courtesy of the PlayStation YouTube channel, we have the fist glimpses of gameplay from Batman Arkham Knight. Most of the video is still  filled with cinematics but we get to see some of the new Batmobile action which will be used for transportation, escape and as we see here, assault. Batman is not wearing his standard costume and has pick one of his armored outfits. At the end of the trailer, you will see that he most definitely will need it. We also get the reminder that pre-ordering will allow us to play as Harley Quinn. Since Catwoman has not been seen (as yet), I hope that her role in the game will be more than just challenge maps. Enjoy the trailer.

Now I am just trying to figure out who is talking to Batman since it sounds too young to be Alfred or the Commissioner and it isn’t Oracle either.