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Slick’s Quick Hits: Deadlight: Director’s Cut

Deadlight: Director's Cut - cover

Deadlight: Director's Cut is coming to currnet gen consoles and PC this June and it is looking really good. Deep Silver is known for zombie action, having published the Dead island series. This game gives the vibe that it is what an action game based on The Walking Dead should have been (instead of that terrible one featuring Daryl and Merle). Set in the year 1986 gone to hell, you are Randall Wayne. The point of the game is to reach what is known only as the safe point. Wayne will travel through an utterly destroyed city of Seattle as both the living and undead try to stop him. There are also physical and environmental challenges to overcome as you progress through the story of Deadlight. The ultimate goal is to reunite Randall with his family. As the trailer will show, he is willing to do pretty much anything to do it. Deadlight originally released for Xbox 360 and Steam back in 2012. The Director's Cut adds a new Survival Arena along with improved control, enhanced graphics and animations and full HD resolution. There is no cure and aside from his destination there is no safety; there is only the hope that his family is alive and that he can survive long enough to see them again. Deadlight: Director's Cut comes to Steam, Xbox One and makes its PlayStation debut on PS4 this June.