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Slick’s Quick Hits: Epic Mickey

Gonna start and say that I am thoroughly sold on this game. Disney has a very long history with Nintendo and anyone with a NES, GameBoy, SNES, etc will tell you of their enjoyment with a Disney game. In some ways, this is the culmination of all that work, but it will please not only fans of those games, this one will be for fans of Disney, period. Fans of all ages.

While not everything in the game is going to be recognized by every player, Creative Director Warren Spector has assured us that everything in the game is from a Disney animated feature. Think about that long history of hundreds of shorts and specials; even full-length movies. There is a near infinite well of material for the developers to draw from and it’s looking great. Epic Mickey definitely looks like it will live up to its title.

Seems that even things leftover from Disneyland and Disney World appear in the game. Kingdom Hearts, eat your (no pun intended) heart out.