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Slick’s Quick Hits: Final Exam

Back in July, MTR brought you the preview for Focus Home Interactive’s next downloadable classic Final Exam, coming to the PC, Xbox Live and the PlayStation Network. Now it is time for an all-night cram session as Final Exam finally has a release date and a new trailer. Once called Obscure, this new arcade-style beat ‘em up is the action fix that old school coin-op junkies have been waiting for. Go it alone as one of four high school buddies or team up with three of your own and pick your favorite character. The game lets you decide how to accomplish objectives; you can stick together with friends and do it strength in numbers style or split up to divide and conquer mission objectives more quickly. The new trailer shows that each character can be leveled up in four skill and four stat categories. Weapons can be upgraded and new weapons can be purchased, allowing for more replayability as you  go back to levels passed and accomplish tasks you previously could not. November 8, before you go nuts with your new console(s) of choice, make sure you are ready to pass your Final Exam!


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