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Slick’s Quick Hits: Ghost Recon: Future Soldier

The crazy thing about this trailer is that everything you see in this trailer is based upon warfare technology that either is already available or is currently under development. This fact may give Ubisoft an edge over its competition because I know that I always like doing things that I cannot do in real life in games. This is part of why FPS games usually do not appeal to me (or it could be because I suck). Either way, having an exoskeleton built into my uniform to assist with my mobility, scopes that locate enemies behind walls and freakin’ predator optical camo definitely appeals to me.

0:32 seconds in was nuts. The optical camo is limited and you have to move that slowly to hope for it to be effective. If you run, it’s not gonna work. Also, an attentive player will see that blur and be able to take you out so it’s not perfect and in a game, it shouldn’t be.

0:43 seconds was absolutely epic. Ghost Recon boasts multiple ways to achieve a goal but as you can see, some ways are cooler than others. Also as you can see comparing part II to part I, being “cool” can draw a lot of attention to you and that can become something difficult to deal with. I think Call of Duty needs to be somewhat worried.

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