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Slick’s Quick Hits: Leo’s Fortune

There are some great games that are only available for mobile platforms. Every now and again console and PC gamers get to experience a bit of that greatness at home and this appears to be one of those moments. If you have ever wanted to control the disembodied head of Oscar the Grouch and help him get out of that trash can, then Leo's Fortune is for you! Leopold is not really a muppet; he is a green ball of fur that is one of the wealthiest beings in the world. One day, he returns home to find that vast wealth has been stolen. Like many thieves, they were sloppy and a trail of gold will lead our mustachioed hero to the culprit. Leo's fortune has been mastered in 1080p HD for console and PC release. Next Tuesday, September 8th, the game can be yours via Steam or PSN and on Xbox Live it will be available on Friday September 11th (never forget). Leo's Fortune will thankfully not cost us a fortune and will be available next week for the low price of only $6.99. Leo's Fortune is full of puzzle solving and beautifully rendered worlds. This will be one time you will not mind helping out the one percent!