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Slick’s Quick Hits: Rainbow Moon

Rainbow Moon - Art B

Rainbow Moon is a story of betrayal and redemption. You start the game as Baldren, cursed by his arch-rival and banished to the Rainbow Moon. By itself, this is not such a terrible situation save for the fact that Baldren has accidentally doomed this world by opening a portal that allows scores of monsters through. Baldren takes responsibility for his actions and looks to seal this portal. In the process, he hopes to find a way back to his home planet as well. Rainbow Moon features six playable main characters, each of which have upgradeable weapons, armor and accessories. Your characters will learn from over 120 special skills as they explore more than twenty dungeons. The best part is that Rainbow Moon is $14.99, so let's do a little math here:

Over forty hours of gameplay for $15. NXT fans know how the saying goes, “YOU CAN'T BEAT THAT!” Rainbow Moon launches for PS4, PS3 and PSVita on Tuesday, February 16.