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Slick’s Quick Hits: Sonic Colors

We at My Take Radio try to bring you all the news and be fair about it. That said, here’s another Sonic Game for the Wii and DS (whoopee!). Can you feel my excitement? Look at that trailer and tell me if you still even care. Now those who know me know that I have a deep seated hatred for Sega from back in the old Sega vs. Nintendo days, but I honestly love Sonic. When I first started college I used to get a 3hr break every Thursday. I took that time to go to FAO Schwartz and I played Sonic CD start to finish. I want a great Sonic game to come out but it just has not happened lately. However, this one shows a small amount of promise.

Seeing that lovely 2D is giving me just a bit of hope for this game.

They need to just take the 3D tracks out. Act 2 in this vid starting in 2D was incredible. The only snoozer parts were the 3D, with the exception of the rail grinding. Not gonna write this one off just yet.