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Slick’s Quick Hits: Technomancer

French development team Spiders is clearly looking to own 2016's action RPG market with the upcoming title, Technomancer. A game that takes place on Mars one hundred and twenty years after it has lost contact with Earth, you are Zachariah and the landscape of the game very much resembles what you have seen in Mad Max: Fury Road. Aesthetics look to be where the similarity to that title will end as Zachariah will need to develop his bio-electric abilities to survive. He is not alone as he will form and cultivate relationships with several people he meets during the campaign. While playing Technomancer, in many instances you will have the option to use stealth instead of all-out combat… And then the end of this trailer hits.

Yeahhhhhhhhh, don't think stealth is gonna work on that one. Good luck, Zach ol' buddy. Technomancer is scheduled for a 2016 release from Focus Home Interactive. This is one I will have my eye on so stay tuned to R.A.G.E. Works for more info.