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Slick’s Quick Hits: The Walking Dead: 400 Days

Following Telltale Games’ success of The Walking Dead game, the survival series enters its second season with The Walking Dead: 400 Days. Available on the (North American) PlayStation Network only today, the new, five-episode story will hit PC & Mac tomorrow via Steam and the Telltale Games Store. On Friday, July 5, Xbox 360 owners will be able to download the game. Next week, the game will become available on the European PlayStation Network and IOS on July 10th and 11th, respectively. Note that you have to have played at least episode one of the first season of the game to play 400 Days and that PSN players on North America can download Episode One – A New Day for free for a limited time! It’s a good time to be a Walking Dead and PlayStation fan, so go get your free game if you have never tried out this cult classic.

Can you survive for 400 Days?

The first episode of 400 Days is $4.99.