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Slick’s Quick Hits: Vampyr

By now, playing games that require us to make story-altering choices is nothing new to us. For many gamers, it is refreshing to be able to replay a game and follow a different path from the last play through. The idea of playable characters dying for good is also becoming more popular, forcing us to make our choices more carefully. Enter Vampyr, an upcoming action RPG from Dontnod Entertainment. If that name sounds familiar, you are probably a fan of games like Remember Me or Life Is Strange. Vampyr was presented at e3 2015 as a concept; the project is not expected to come to fruition until 2017. That gives Dontnot plenty of time to develop what sounds like an intriguing title.

Vampyr takes place during the early twentieth century, circa 1918. The main character is a military surgeon returning home after WWI to a Spanish flu-stricken Great Britain. His name is Jonathan E. Reid and fate has dealt him quite the ironic blow: having devoted himself to saving lives, he must now take it in order to continue his existence. Dr. Reid is now the Vampyr.

As a vampire, you will have multiple abilities at your disposal and how you use them will also help you determine who lives and who dies. You can use powers of persuasion to lure victims to a quiet, unseen demise or rely upon more direct and messy methods. Your prey will disappear from the story as they would in reality and these deaths will change the world around you. For those that like to take the high road in games, this will not get you very far as you will have to face not only those you will feed upon but vampire hunters as well as other vampires. If Vampyr sounds like a title you may want to play, stay tuned to R.A.G.E. Works. We will keep you up to date as more information surfaces.