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Slick’s Quick Hits: Why you should be watching the Venture Bros.

You mean aside from the fact that it's already in season 4 and you should go watch the back episodes now? My thing is, if you are a MTR regular, there is probably something wrong with you….I mean up there, in your head. . . deep inside. Since we have determined that you are disturbed, shouldn't your late nite programming be equally as twisted?

Enter the Venture Bros., two boys (that are really clones of two boys) that have possibly the worst father in the world. Many fathers have joked that if something happened to their kids that they can “just make more,” but Dr. Venture really means it. Their bodyguard is Brock Sampson – imagine Brock Lesnar minus the tattoos, he's much less of a dick but eight million times more violent. That's just the tip of the iceberg. Throw in an archnemesis with a butterfly fetish whose girlfriend is the hottest chick on the show but her voice makes you think she's a tranny (she's really not, she's a chain smoker), a fake Fantastic Four that makes the real FF look cool, the real Jonny Quest and Hadjii, and a slew of other WTF moments and you have what is perhaps Cartoon Network's greatest Adult Swim hit ever.

Oh and if that wasn't enough, last night's repeat episode featured Captain Sunshine. Captain Sunshine is a superhero that flies around like superman and has a solar flash ability – he basically blinds and flash sunburns his enemies.

Captain Sunshine & Dean

Did I mention that he's a gay pedo whose butler gives anal lube to his young sidekicks at night? I can't make this shit up people. That picture is of him flying with Dean Venture a la Christopher Reeve & Margot Kidder in Superman. Oh best part, he's voiced by Kevin Conroy, you know, BATMAN from the 90s animated series. This stuff writes itself people.