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Slick’s Quick Hits: Zombie Night Terror

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Zombie Night Terror blends classic zombie goodness with a good dose of the modern style mixed in. In a sort of reverse tower defense style of game, you are the zombie horde and you have to keep it going. You will face all types of people from the screaming woman to the big guy that won't go down without a fight to the military. You have to eat all of them. The living are smart and your zombies are not so how do you overcome that hindrance? Mutants, of course! The standard shambler is not catching up with a good runner and zombies can't climb so we have mutants that throw their undead brethren up on ledges and giant tank zombies that run and plow through everything. If that sounds a little L4D-ish, there are even zombies that explode. Check out the trailer because this looks like a lot of (literally) mindless fun. Zombie Night Terror is coming to Steam this spring and we will give you more info as it develops.