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Slick’s Wish List – June 2013

Formerly known as Slick’s Pick of the Month, I am starting up this new column to showcase (what I consider) the gems of each month. Whether it be movies in theater or on blu-ray, games, events, or other stuff, you’ll hear about it here from yours truly. June is a huge month for grabbing some goodies for the house and my pockets are giving me the good ol’ Arnold Drummond look. There is way too much going on this month and I am not even sure if I have it all here. Check out just a taste of the awesome that is June.

Adventure Time, seasons 1 & 2

Seriously, you live under a rock if I even have to explain why this is awesome. And just to get really mathematical:

Both of these are in stores, this Tuesday, June 4.

Remember Me

It seems like everyone except Capcom (the damn publisher of the game) is excited about Remember Me and the story of Nilin. The game is available on PC, PS3 and Xbox 360 this Tuesday, June 4, but I have yet to see a commercial on TV. There is also a hardcover art book coming out from Dark Horse on June 18 featuring imagery from the game. Dark Horse has been putting out some great art books this year so I may have to get the game and the book.

The Mad Max Trilogy

A steelbox of the Mad Max series? Please take this filthy money I have in my pocket for it does nothing but give me monetary wealth. I need Mel Gibson playing a dangerous maniac before he actually became one. The Mad Max Trilogy is also available in stores on June 4.

Falling Skies, Season 3

With a bad ass cliffhanger last year introducing a new alien race that hates the overlord aliens (seems they were victims just like us) , can these new players be trusted by humanity? Sunday, June 9, the shit hits the fan even harder as Falling Skies enters its anticipated third season.

The Last of Us

The PlayStation 3 unleashes a fresh new IP from Naughty Dog, the makers of the Jak & Daxter and Uncharted series. Joel and Ellie have to protect each other as they make their way out of the city in this third-person survival horror. Danger lurks around every corner in the form of scavengers and gangs. What’s worse, a fungus has turned many of the people into cannibalistic monsters, devoid of their own free will. PS3’s next big thing will be in stores on June 11.

Oz the Great and Powerful

Another one that speaks for itself, Disney brings to life the beginning of L. Frank Baum’s tale that most are familiar with as The Wizard of Oz. This one comes to my home along with Joel and Ellie on June 11.

Man of Steel

The big one; the one I truly want to deliver despite my general distaste for Superman. I actually like the New 52 version even less than the original, if that is even possible. Regardless, I really enjoyed the Christopher Reeve Superman films as a boy and have been waiting a long time to see an updated film do the Kryptonian some justice (no pun intended). Thursday June 14, we find out if Nolan can work his magic with another member of the JL trinity.

Monsters University

MIKE WAZOWSKI! I am truly saddened that Boo will not be in this movie but I still cannot wait for the Monsters Inc. follow-up/prequel. June 21 cannot get here fast enough. Now can you bastards over at Pixar get to work on Incredibles 2?

World War Z

I am so confused on how to feel about this movie. The trailers have me excited, but the fact that Max Brooks has said that the only thing this movie has in common with his book is the title scares me. To be fair, he has also said that he has not seen the movie or read the script because he was not invited to be part of the creative process. So there is hope. June 21, we learn right along with Brooks if the movie is faithful to the book.


Rich will probably kill me for this but I don’t care. We here at My Take Radio have wish lists on Amazon and we do accept gifts! That said, the Deadpool game for PS3 and 360 may or may not be very good, but Rich and I will want to experience it either way. If you are one of our loving fans that would like to gift something, please buy this game for Rich, because it comes out on his birthday, June 25! Order it from Amazon and make sure he has it on launch date!

Venom Fine Art Statue by Kotobukiya

I pre-ordered this bad boy back in April. Ten inches tall, this statue captures the full ferocity of Spider-Man’s deadliest foe. Still available for order at the Kotobukiya store, I guarantee this one will be sold out before July starts. If you are looking to get it, get it now!


Ladies and gentlemen, this is just a sample of what June has to offer. I am sure there are things you want that I don’t and that not all of you will agree with what I have chosen. Either way, I am going to end up very, very poor and some of you will be right there with me standing in line for that good ol’ government cheese. Good hunting, people.