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Slurpees, Lotto and Video Games?

7-Eleven as we all know  has been a convenience store and nothing more for years and years,but they have decided to throw their hat into the used game market by beginning to offer used video games. They recently announced their intentions to offer used games in partnership with a company called Game Trading Technologies who will provide the used titles. 7 Eleven plans to only offer games that are $20 or less. Now this poses a few questions  such as

  • Does GameStop give a shit?
  • What quality control measures will be in place to ensure that games work properly?
  • Will 7-Eleven staff get any formal training in dealing with questions about games in general?
  • What consoles titles will be offered ?

7-Eleven brings a new factor into this fight and that is the fact that a majority of their stores are open 24hrs and if the selection of titles is solid and the quality is good I can see this being successful.

Will you buy a game from 7-Eleven?

Article Sources: Gamepro & 1up