So we all by now are fully aware that this season of the CW staple Smallville will be flying into its tenth (that's right tenth) and final season in a few short days. What we don't know is what will be going on in Metropolis this year.

How will writers end these chapters of our hero Clark Kent? That is to be found out my MTR friends, unless someone makes me a time machine strictly to use for watching television – any evil geniuses s out there willing to give a gal a hand with that? No? Whatever.

What I can tell you, however, is the list of characters that will be somehow, some way, involved in these upcoming episodes. These lucky ducks are (in order of my personal liking):

Kara / Supergirl  – played by Laura Vandervoort

Brainiac – played by James Marsters

Jonathan Kent – played by John Schneider

Hawkman – played by Michael Shanks

Lionel Luthor – played by John Glover

Aquaman – played by Alan Ritchson

With any hope, we will also see the reappearance of everyone's favorite villian Lex Luthor. Whether or not we see Michael Rosenbaum playing him again is another story. BRING BACK LEX!!!

Hopes, fears for the new season? Are you even still watching?


  1. Final season is automatic fail because it breaks the fundamental rule of Smallville: no capes. The previw shows the Superman costume. The only saving grace will be if he only wears it in the final episode. I want Rosenbaum back as well in hopes that MAYBE they will reclaim some of the glory of the first 2 seasons back when the series was good. Yeah I said it, it’s been crap for SEVEN seasons and I have only been watching it to see the end.

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