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SnowRunner - Search & Recover cover

SnowRunner Begins Massive Season 1 Update Today

Just last week, Saber Interactive announced that SnowRunner was getting its first batch of DLC. Today, the Search & Recover content went live. Added to the already expansive game are vehicles, missions and customizations. On top of that, a new map has been added to the Russian region. Lake Kovd and the Russian Kola Peninsula region add danger and treasure to the game. Your trucks will literaally be skating on thin ice as you search for a downed WWII bomber. Season Pass and Premium Edition owners get this content automatically. Phase 1: “Search & Recover” can be purchased separately for $6.99. It is also part of the Season Pass that includes all four phases and additional content The Season Pass is available for $24.99

SnowRunner - Kola Peninsula
What Does SnowRunner DLC Add?

“Season 1: Search & Recover” takes players to Lake Kovd, a new map on Russia’s Kola Peninsula, a rugged land featuring new missions, old treasures and the constant threat of thin ice. Two brand-new vehicles will help you get the job done: the TUZ 16 “Actaeon” and the iconic Ford 750 4×4 CrewCab. A second new map, fresh interior customization options, plus a bonus vehicle, skins, missions and more will arrive in-game over the course of the summer as part of this first phase of content.

SnowRunner - Aurora

“Season 1: Search & Recover” also delivers free content for all players today, including new missions and map modding tools on PC. And Season Pass owners can invite up to three friends to experience the new content together in co-op.

SnowRunner - Lake Kovd

In addition, today marks the debut of the original off-roading best-seller MudRunner on iOS and Android mobile devices, delivering a worthy challenge with the game’s trademark physics engine and unparalleled terrain simulation. For more information, visit www.MudRunner-theGame.com. Both SnowRunner and MudRunner are available on consoles and PC now.